Romans 13:14 Put on the Lord Jesus Christ... It's been almost a year since I graduated from the University of Nottingham and I was looking back at my pictures. I remember having on a white dress on the day with my black gown over it so of course, everything was fine. I wore that dress … Continue reading White

The zip line experience- without fear

Have tried hanging from a zip line before?!! It is a daring activity especially if you are scared of heights and the initial drop is usually the hardest. My mom was saying she’ll report me to my dad. My aunt said she saw my pictures and was hoping I was alright. 39% of people on … Continue reading The zip line experience- without fear


  There is nothing that we entrust to God that we will not receive back a hundred-fold. This is a valuable lesson that I was reminded of as I went through my bible study and book review sessions last month According to Mark 10:29-30, we are guaranteed blessings in this world if we choose to … Continue reading State

Planting on Unauthorized Ground

Marilyn stared at the eviction notice sign again. Her heart racing in her chest and her hands vibrating as she tried to hold on to the letter that had been delivered to her doorstep. She had woken up this morning and had poured herself a cup of coffee as usual. She loved to sit on … Continue reading Planting on Unauthorized Ground

Let’s talk Logic…

Happy New month fam !! Let me start by saying…. I salute programmers!!! Because programming is confusing especially if you are just diving into it for the first time. Plus, Logic was not my best math topic. What’s this post really about?? I recently had another enlightening bible study with a friend of mine. We … Continue reading Let’s talk Logic…

Not all choices

    Tyranny of the Urgent by Charles Hummel Ironically, the busier we get, the more we need these periods (periods to evaluate and plan effectively for the future)—and the less we seem able to schedule them. We become like the fanatic who, unsure of his direction, doubles his speed. Time to Focus by Demiladeayo … Continue reading Not all choices

Snakes and Ladders

It is the Easter season and a time to mark the remembrance of our Lord Jesus and the sacrifice that he made on the cross. You probably find it strange that I chose to title this post snakes and ladders. It is a cool title but is significant to our discussion. Like the game, the … Continue reading Snakes and Ladders

The Watcher

I started a book with a friend of mine titled Pursue the Intentional Life by Jean Flemming. We started it to encourage each other to complete a number of books in the year, share our thoughts and grow spiritually. From the name, it’s a book that drives you to be conscious about the decisions you … Continue reading The Watcher


Whooh I can’t believe it’s the first of February!! Happy new month everyone. So, January was an interesting month: A month of goal setting and planning, new resolutions and everything new. I learnt a lot in January, many new lessons and old mistakes. A friend of mine wrote on her status “Thank God the ‘year’ … Continue reading Foundations


Let me start by wishing you all a happy new year!!! If you’re reading this blog then there’s definitely a reason to be grateful cause you’re alive. My last post was about getting ready. This post should come before the last one because Set comes before ready in a normal race... right? Either way if … Continue reading Set…