In Acts 1: 15-26, Peter identified that it was written in scripture that someone would replace the one who betrayed Jesus aka Judas, but the disciples didn’t just sit around and do nothing or wait for a replacement to magically appear. They selected two people who had been with them, prayed and cast lots.
Some Christians however know that God promises to bless them and make them successful but yet they do nothing and hope for a miracle.
We do not pray, study the word or do what it says and expect to see results. We do not sow bountifully or give cheerfully and expect to rip. We still sin and practice immorality and expect to be blessed. We do not sit and study the word to gain revelation and claim we do not hear from God.
If we expect to see Gods blessings manifest in our lives or gain a solution to our problems then WE HAVE TO ACT.


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