The Visitor

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who is that?”
“I am Love.”
“Love who?”
“Love Yourself.”
“Who are you looking for?”
“Because you stare at yourself in the mirror every morning and you see a mouse – so little and fragile; not wanted and not respected.
You feel dirty; you feel alone; you feel you have to fend for yourself because you live in a cold world and no one cares.”


“You feel the world is too big for you so you hide in the cracks and only come out at night. Darkness is your light because you are too ugly to be seen.
You hang around with other mice like yourself but you know you don’t fit in. Even with your kind you’re of a lesser kind.
You run from the cats because they remind you of how little you are- you’re a pest; a rodent; just meat.”
“But No! I am Love! I am God! Among the birds, the bees, the valleys and the seas YOU are my most beautiful creation.
You are NOT a MOUSE! You are A MOUNT! A pillar for all to see; a support that people lean on. You are strong and I have hung my light on you that you will shine bright for the world to see.
You are beautiful and you are unique- one of a kind, because YOU are ME and there is none like Me.
I AM that I AM and as I AM so are You in this world.”

“I Love Yourself so Love Yourself and be confident in my Love for you. For I am God and I do not lie.”



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