Blank pages…

It was either the feel of her soft milk chocolate skin between his palm or the smell of her hair beneath his nose, a smell of sweet coconut oil, but he was drawn to her.

She rested her head over his bare chest with her ears pressed close to his heart. His heart was not racing because he was at peace just having her chest rise and fall in sync with his. 

She looked up into his eyes. Her deep hazel eyes watching his face. He didn’t hesitate but bent his head to kiss her. Her full lips filling his. 

She was  black and she was beautiful. She was smart also. She knew him too well so she pulled away. 

“I have to go”

“But why? I’ve missed you.”

“And I’ve missed you too but you know he’ll be waiting” 

And by ‘he’ she was speaking of her father. 

“When will I see you again” he sat up now. “Tomorrow?” 

She smiled and he felt his heart tightening at the thought of letting her out of his sight so quickly.

“At least walk me out will you?” 

It was a bit chilly outside tonight and he noticed the way she wrapped her arms around herself but he fought the urge to hold her. 

“So Diana….”

His words were cut short by a fight that had broken out down the street. They were both caught off gaurd but before he could get her attention again a car had pulled up from the side of the road. 

With the speed of the turn and the screech of the tyres, a mark was sure to have been left of the road. 

He tried to pull her away from the side lane but the car was headed straight for them. He missed her fingers by just an inch before the car sent her flying one meter in the air above the road and into the windscreen. The car didn’t stop but headed straight for the glass panels of his apartment building.

He didn’t move. He felt the blood drain from his brain. His finger tips went numb and his heart stopped. There was a sudden clot in his throat and he fell to his knees. 

He felt a tear trickle down his right cheek before everything went blank.


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