The Handicapped Christian 

Morning guys!!! Just love Saturdays 😎☀️ And today I'm here to also share with you on THE HANDICAPPED CHRISTIAN. Being handicapped symbolizes an inability to function as one should for some reason either due to sickness or injury. Some Christians today are not functioning as they ought mainly because of ignorance. I have a friend who … Continue reading The Handicapped Christian 


Beautiful Beginnings 

I've been thinking of business ideas lately. And it seems like I keep hitting this brick wall. Getting discouraged. Can I make it? Then something flashed across my mind... We recently cleared the garden in the house and we've been waiting to grow some plants on it. I don't know how long the plants have … Continue reading Beautiful Beginnings 

My famous American Biscuits!! 

Okay so I love Agege bread(locally freshly baked Nigerian bread)- who doesn't? I'm sure you're wondering what that has to do with my recipe today and I'm about to tell you! So I didn't have bread today. I was hungry and there was nothing I could find appealing in the house to eat. Plus I … Continue reading My famous American Biscuits!! 

Puff puff for the ladies 😂

I made puff puff today for the first time and I was pretty excited. But this experience turned out to be the battle of the puff puff you anticipated versus the puff puff you waka come (came up) with. Wanted to post the recipe here as a way to also promote my blog so you … Continue reading Puff puff for the ladies 😂