The Handicapped Christian 

Morning guys!!! Just love Saturdays 😎☀️ And today I’m here to also share with you on THE HANDICAPPED CHRISTIAN.

Being handicapped symbolizes an inability to function as one should for some reason either due to sickness or injury. Some Christians today are not functioning as they ought mainly because of ignorance.

I have a friend who always pushes me to exercise my Christian faith daily and just the other day we were talking about how speaking in tongues makes us live above the natural. Basically most Christians feel like after the alter call that is the end of salvation. They expect a change immediately and if that doesn’t happen they become discouraged. Some are so stubborn to the point that even in the new faith they want to continue with old habits and look for ways to twist the scripture for that purpose.

But no guys! Nope *smh* 😔
There are two things you need and the example I’m using is of the disciples who represent you and I.
Although they were with Jesus throughout His ministry they were handicapped. When Jesus returned to them, after He resurrected, He had to open their understanding of the scripture in Luke 24:45. Paul also prayed for the Ephesians (Eph 1:18) that the eyes of their understanding will be enlightened to know the Hope of their calling.

Many Christians are ignorant of Gods plans and promises for them and need to study the word more often.

Yes guys! You need to 📖

Another reason why Christians are handicapped is that they are not filled with the Holy Spirit. Jesus told the disciples also to wait for the promise of the Father ( Luke 24:49). Without the Holy Spirit you can do nothing. We cannot express the fruits or the gifts and more times than not we would find ourselves in constant struggle with our flesh (Eph 5:18)
In knowing this, let’s study to show ourselves approved unto God and let’s constantly ask to be filled with the Holy Sprit.
God is ever present and willing to help us. He has given us all we need to live excellently.

Love you guys 😘 and enjoy your day!! 😎 basking in my room light 💡


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