Junk food or Soul food 

  The letter kills but the Spirit gives life (2 Chorinthians 3:6b).  When studying the word of God there's a place of faith and listening to the Holy Spirit unless we end up gulping down a bunch of words and end up full of nothing. The work of the Holy Spirit is to be our … Continue reading Junk food or Soul food 


Too great to be the enemy’s bait

Sometimes people don't forgive. They become vengeful and refuse to leave their hurt in Gods hands. They feel God won't work enough to bring their enemies to justice. They feel God will forgive their enemies and bless them. So they hold on to the anger and pain and plan their revenge. But you see God … Continue reading Too great to be the enemy’s bait

Break Silence 

Stay silent and hope for the best Stay silent and pray they are blessed But see it doesn't work that way-Because a closed mouth is a closed destiny If we really want to bless our community We have to thank God for very opportunity Open our mouths and witness His singularity Stay silent and hope … Continue reading Break Silence 

He loves to hear you say… 

Andy scowled at her brother. What kind of person was he and at his age still managed to irritate her so. Couldn't he read. Clearly marked in bold block red coloured letters "Do not touch Andy's sandwich" and yet he did. Not that he even ate it all, he just ate a huge bite and put … Continue reading He loves to hear you say… 

When You Know Where You Stand 

Something happened to me that immediately brought this statement to my mind. I thank God soo much for seeing me through these years and whether I like it or not I have to be ready and prepared to face my future. I have had many encounters with people over the years and even much so … Continue reading When You Know Where You Stand