When You Know Where You Stand 

Something happened to me that immediately brought this statement to my mind. I thank God soo much for seeing me through these years and whether I like it or not I have to be ready and prepared to face my future. I have had many encounters with people over the years and even much so with people from KNUST but fortunately and unfortunately I will see some no more meaning that in fulfilling our destiny our paths may never cross; maybe except during reunions but even then we still may never be in touch. Some people I had never known, I might see and this is just life as we know it. Deep but true the friends I had in my first year are not all my friends anymore and in fact the word “friend” has been so watered that I have a new found family category- those that I will miss dearly. So this is where I stand. Reality has set in and it’s time I stop chasing ghosts and let sleeping dogs lie. Farewell alma matar.

This is where I stand. On Christ Jesus my solid rock. In my darkest moments he is my Filament and I am the glowing lightbulb. He is the light the world sees and I’m just the containing vessel. Trust me I can be faulty too and might need a flick or two. This is where I stand “in Christ alone who took on flesh, he is my life, my strength and my hope”

This is where I stand alone because I am often times misunderstood. In trying to do good for one person I end up doing bad for another and if I try to be happy it seems that happiness is a sacrifice to please another. ” But you’re anxious of too many things Martha, Mary has chosen the better and it would not be taken from her”. Society expects Martha’s, hard working and focused. Not lazy and over religious Mary. So this is where I stand alone.
This is where I stand with you. People fight not because one person did this or that but selfishness, unforgiveness and disagreement. If we don’t reason the same then we can unequally yoke each other. But this is where I stand with you because we are a 3 fold cord that cannot easily be broken. We rely on God rather than self, we live a kind, merciful and peaceful life with all men. We study the word to show ourselves approved unto God then we encourage ourselves with these word so we can grow. Therefore I will stand with you even at the end because our end is an endless eternity. This is where I stand with you forever.

This is where I stand at the end of one chapter and at the beginning of another.


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