He loves to hear you say… 

Andy scowled at her brother. What kind of person was he and at his age still managed to irritate her so. Couldn’t he read. Clearly marked in bold block red coloured letters “Do not touch Andy’s sandwich” and yet he did. Not that he even ate it all, he just ate a huge bite and put it back in the fridge. She robed her forehead. “Lord I’m upset. VERY UPSET and I really want to slap that boy” Once she said it, she felt a new calm come over her. She didn’t say anything to him the rest of the day. 

Well, he got spanked after dinner for not doing his homework. That was punishment enough.

“Thank you Lord” she smiled to herself  in the corner; a part of her feeling sorry for her little brother. 


Feeling alone, Talk to God 

Feeling upset,Talk to God 

Maybe you’re just indecisive

Tell Him all about it!

Need a friend, Jesus is the best 

Feeling fearful, Talk to God 

Feeling joyful, Share it with God 

Feeling down, Talk to Him 

Maybe in need of help, Talk to God 

We all know the hymn that tells us why we go through what we go through

“All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer”

And with it’s very wonderful solution

“Take it to The Lord in prayer”

Prayer isn’t just when we get down on our knees and put our heads between our legs, it’s even about the little things. Talking to God about everything and anything because indeed His ears aren’t deaf that He cannot hear, nor His hands too short that He cannot save.
Let’s identify with the bible character Elijah. You could say he was a very powerful man because even kings sought him out for advice. In a barren land he had enough to eat. He had God on his side and despite all this he was a man like every other man with feelings. He even felt fearful at a time, maybe depressed and tired that he wanted to die and  HE TOLD GOD-

“God I’m tired and I want to die”

And God gave him food, strengthened him and gave him directions on what to do next. How loving and caring the Father is. (1kings 19:4-8)

Feelings are exactly what they are-feelings! They come and they go. Trust God to take care of every feeling and every situation. He loves you too much and waiting to hear from you. He fills you with more than feelings.

The only thing that can keep us away from God is sin but even that cannot separate us from his love. So maybe you just sinned💁 Talk to God about it immediately, confess it and rejoice in your forgiveness.

He loves to hear you…


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