Too great to be the enemy’s bait

Sometimes people don’t forgive. They become vengeful and refuse to leave their hurt in Gods hands. They feel God won’t work enough to bring their enemies to justice. They feel God will forgive their enemies and bless them. So they hold on to the anger and pain and plan their revenge.

But you see God is amazing. Not all the time does he have to slaughter your enemies to make the point that they messed with the wrong child. Sometimes he punishes them by exalting you. By causing you to prosper so that they will see and it will be like heaping burning coals on their head.

I remembered Moses and the Israelites. How God increased them. The Egyptians who were being wicked to them became afraid cause God was prospering them. I remembered David. We read about him till this day. We read of his kingship and how much God loved him but how many of his enemies do we know about. Their names have been wiped away not only because of their actions towards David but also to God.

Until we learn to forgive and surrender to God, letting go of all our hurt, we can’t move forward.

God loves us and if we believe this we believe also that he is more than ready to fight for us. Let’s not be so concerned with the how or when, let’s just be concerned with praising and thanking him for he has already given us victory.


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