Lord I don’t want to be comfortable till I get to the place that you want me to be. 

We’ve been talking a lot about heaven and hell, the rapture and the judgment. Well for anyone who’s reading this we are all going to die one day and after that is judgment (1). We have to decide now if we are interested in life after death or death after death.

God loves us so much. He’s cares so much that he decided to warn us ahead about what His standards are. It’s like a bad relationship where a man keeps maltreating his girlfriend  but she decides to go ahead and marry him anyway. Some people are that naive when it comes to the devil but as they say a zebra doesn’t change it’s stripes 💁

The thing is the devil has three goals – steal, kill and destroy and God doesn’t lie so you best believe that (2).
Some might be so deep in sin that it’s almost like there’s no point- “God isn’t going to accept me anyway”. It’s cause you’re too comfortable and you haven’t given God the chance to show you how much of a Destiny Changer He is. Some of us even as Christians are constantly living in fear of how to please God that we end up sin conscious. Don’t be! I kept thinking about all the people God doesn’t like – liars, fearful, whoremongers, murderes, homosexuals, witches, sexually immoral- endless list of constant misbehavings and I kept thinking about His word- if God counted our sins against us who can stand. (3)(4)

But you know what? God is the our very existence. God isn’t just the Angry Eternal One, He’s also the Loving Everlasting Father too. He didn’t send his Son because he was angry. He sent his son because he loves you.

When you make a mistake he doesn’t go with red eyes and look at His son like- “it’s a good thing you died cause I’d have killed these people”. He looks at His son and is like- “I’m happy I gave my son for them so that they know I’ve got them through all they’re going through”.
He loves us so much that nothing not even your sin or pain or anything can separate you from His love.(5)

Oh boy isn’t that awesome 🙅 Forget about your past; God is able to give you a perfectly new future. Just accept Him and by accepting Him you are accepting the gift of His son Jesus Christ (6). The perfect gift to live a perfect life. 😁 Shalom.
1. Hebrews 9:27

2.John 10:10

3.Revelations 21:8

4.Psalm 130:3

5.Romans 8:35-39

6.John 14:1


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