Hi beautiful people. It's Adeayo again 😊 Throughout yesterday I tried posting on the site but was finding it difficult with the network. I'm sure you were anticipating right? But I'm here today. So happy Tuesday! Something however kept on at me like I was supposed to write about something different from yesterday's post. So … Continue reading LEAP


Make- over day!!

And it's another beautiful day😊This post is not about make-up and the struggles of styling my natural hair. It's close but not entirely. I'm not really much of a 'products person' but it is good to care about your looks, your skin and hair, but it is even more important to have a good make-over … Continue reading Make- over day!!

What’s the difference 

I've heard it before and from 'Christians' that 'there are different kinds of Christians' to be put more directly.  It's a real big issue not to be able to separate the sheep from the goat but that's for us cause do not be deceived God knows those who are His. Being human we usually judge by … Continue reading What’s the difference 

Who Would You Rather Be?

I was reading the foreign news in the newspapers and was sad to see what was happening in some parts of the world . The flooding in Japan; the refugees fleeing from Syria; and I thought of all the disasters that had occurred over time in different countries. I remembered that when I was younger … Continue reading Who Would You Rather Be?

Let Everything That Has Breath

Hello beautiful people!! Yes it is the first Monday in the month of September and I'm excited. I hope you are as well! Thank you so much for supporting me by reading my blog. I hope you are being blessed. Please continue to read and like the posts; also your comments and recommendations will be really … Continue reading Let Everything That Has Breath