Let Everything That Has Breath

Hello beautiful people!! Yes it is the first Monday in the month of September and I’m excited. I hope you are as well! Thank you so much for supporting me by reading my blog.

I hope you are being blessed.

Please continue to read and like the posts; also your comments and recommendations will be really appreciated.
My message for you this week is that – Only the living can praise The Lord (Psalm 150:6)
I’m going to start by telling a story:

The way Lagos roads are you have to have 10 eyes around your head so that you can see what’s happening around you whether driving or walking.

I happened to be crossing the road one day when a bus pulled out from no where. I stepped back at the last second and wasn’t hit but I was really shaken. I kept thanking God cause there was nothing else I could do. If not for him where would I be?
See, we do not have to wait till something drastic happens before we learn to praise God.
The Holy Spirit spoke to me one day about praise being an offering. I was looking for a verse in the bible that said praise was an offering but found none so I decided to write nothing on the matter. Because the word of God is the conclusion of the matter. But PRAISE IS AN OFFERING indeed and only the living can praise The Lord just as it’s only the living that can pay their tithe (Malachi 3:8-9).

This revelation came to me again after that incident so I decided to write about it.
Many of us are guilty of being robbers of God’s praise.

We allocate praise to different things. Ourselves, people that help us and other things. But all praise should go to God and David was one of the wisest persons to identify this at a very young age.
Brethren only the living can praise God and to not give God praise is robbery; its a dangerous thing to do otherwise. Everything God created was for His glory and anything that does not give God glory is irrelevant. Do you think so?

So why withhold the praise due to your Maker and allow a curse to hang over your head.
Let everything that has breath praise The Lord!!!!


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