Hi beautiful people. It’s Adeayo again 😊
Throughout yesterday I tried posting on the site but was finding it difficult with the network. I’m sure you were anticipating right?

But I’m here today. So happy Tuesday! Something however kept on at me like I was supposed to write about something different from yesterday’s post. So I will do that but still post yesterday’s message so please check it out.
So LEAP! 🏃
Wherever you are do a little exercise- get up and just leap! Leave the people around you wondering then when you’re done reading share it with them!!!!

That’s my word to you today! When you LEAP: it is a light self-propelled movement upward or forward.
We’ve heard of a leap of faith or leap of joy.

If you want to achieve something you have to leap into it. I’ve heard quotes before that success doesn’t come by doing nothing you have to walk towards it. Work for it!
So take a leap of faith with me today. Propel yourself to take that risk. Propel yourself to talk to that person that you need help from or you need to help. Propel yourself to finish that project that will turn your career around.
Taking a leap causes you to move forward or upward. Peter took a leap out of the boat and walked on water to meet Jesus.
In Psalm 18:29, Because of God, David could leap over a wall.

Is there something in your way. Leap over it now! God needs you to trust him and by doing so take a leap into his divine plan for your life!!

You can also leap for joy!!!!
Something might have been weighing you down; threatening to drown you; things might just not be going the was you plan- but leap for joy! Cause joy is an expression of victory and by doing so you automatically place yourself on the winning side. ( like 6:23)

Take a leap towards greatness today. Let nothing keep your feet from moving forward!!

Love you😘 shalom.


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