Son of Man; Son of God 

   Do you know that you are a son of God- or daughter of God. One way or the other our linage leads back to the first son of God, Adam. The first man created when God made the earth.  Luke 3:23-38 And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as … Continue reading Son of Man; Son of God 


Stop At Nothing.

Sam crouched over the waste drum that stood outside of the office complex. He had watched from across the street as the fat lady brought out the trash and dumped it into the drum. He had waited till dark when he thought all the office people had left before heading to his newly discovered dinner … Continue reading Stop At Nothing.

To Be Thankful.

Hey there!     Yesterday was such an exciting day that I couldn't just wait to share it with you. The day, however, also had its not so bright side. I happened to be invited by my very good friend to visit a school in one of the not so developed parts of Lagos, Makoko. … Continue reading To Be Thankful.

We are the cause

We are the cause of our problems! We are the cause of our pain! When we speak when we dont have to Or smile too much making others take advantage of us When we try to be so perfect and refuse to share our pain When we play too much We are the cause of … Continue reading We are the cause

Who is Demiladeayo? Part 1

Halooo everybody!!! 😁 So I'm here again and this time I'm doing a special post about myself 🙌 just so that you can get to know me a lil or whatever it is that you did not know before and please feel free to ask me any question 👇 The first thing to know about … Continue reading Who is Demiladeayo? Part 1

Woke Up Like Bleh…..

   Photo Creait: @realtalkkim Hello beautiful people, I woke up this morning praying that I do not want to marry someone I do not love. I had a dream of course. It wasn't about flying objects but I would definitely categorize it under a nightmare because it is indeed a terrible thing to marry someone … Continue reading Woke Up Like Bleh…..


Morning beautiful, it's that day again that starts the week, when we have to wake up early and go to work 😉 it's also today that Demiladeayo comes to you with the word for the week 💃 So, quick math quiz: 1+1=? 2+2=? 2+14=? 14+28=? 28*28=? Probably after 2+14 most people would have stopped calculating … Continue reading LOGIC


Hello Beautiful people. Hope you had a lovely week? So I’m sure you would agree with me that babies are just too adorable. A good child is always a joy to his/her family. Of my love for babies, God loves them more (Matthew 19:14) During our October Thanksgiving Service, during the praise session, I had … Continue reading SLEEPING THROUGH THE STORM


Hello beautiful, it's Monday again whoop! And the first Monday in the month of October so happy new month. Hope you had a wonderful weekend? You can let me know how your weekend went. So today it's all about the Detox therapy and if you don't know what that is, it is simply getting rid … Continue reading DETOX