Hello Beautiful people. Hope you had a lovely week?

So I’m sure you would agree with me that babies are just too adorable. A good child is always a joy to his/her family. Of my love for babies, God loves them more (Matthew 19:14)

During our October Thanksgiving Service, during the praise session, I had this beautiful girl in my hands and I was dancing and shouting. And she was sleeping. I was amazed at how she fell asleep with the noise and the heat. Maybe it was my soft touch.

Immediately the word ‘Sleeping Through the Storm’ came to me and that is what we call Peace.

Jesus told us to be like little children. There are so many things about children that make them special to God and make them an example for us. Firstly, children guard their own jealously. Have you seen a child fight for her siblings or maybe if he or she is holding a toy and you want to collect it? How often do we guard our hearts jealously or our faith without compromising?

How about when you carry a child and they stare at you for a few seconds- I don’t know, maybe they are trying to guess if you are scary or nice. If they feel safe, they relax and sometimes even lay their head on your chest. How trusting are you in the arms of God?

So, I don’t know what this child was dreaming about, but she slept nicely through the praise session. Right now at my age, I might startle if I hear any sound when I’m sleeping unless I’m sleeping deeply.

Jesus in Mark 4:37-40 slept through the storm. I’m sure the disciples did not understand how a man could be so calm when they thought they were about to die. Imagine a boat rocking against the violent waves of the ocean with loud crackling thunder and flashes of lightning. How could Jesus still be asleep? They had to wake him up!! If they didn’t wake him up what would have happened? Well, I don’t know.

But like the little child in my arms and Jesus in the boat, there must have been something- Peace!

To find peace in such a situation means a lot of things: no fear, complete trust, humility, sound mind, no worries, and no pain.

It is in Christ that we are able to find such peace. Christ said “come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28.

Is something bothering you, keeping you from sleeping well at night, maybe you don’t want to sleep because you’re afraid to dream, or you’re afraid that something will happen? Is work too stressful? Do you have a restless mind or a restless spirit? There are so many things that can keep a person from having a good rest but only Christ can give you the grace and ability to sleep through the storm without being anxious. Only he can give you the grace to smile and relax when everyone around you is tensed up. So seek him today for your sake. He never turns away anyone who calls out to him.


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