Morning beautiful, it’s that day again that starts the week, when we have to wake up early and go to work 😉 it’s also today that Demiladeayo comes to you with the word for the week 💃

So, quick math quiz:





Probably after 2+14 most people would have stopped calculating and would in their minds have told me to get to the point already.

What if I told you that 28*28 would give you about a million, would you believe me?
If I’m multiplying or adding two digit numbers, at most I should get a four digit number or a three digit number.

Either way this isn’t a math class so whatever you got you can clap for yourself 🙂
The message behind all this is that how logical do we get with God when we need something from Him or when we are requested of Him to do something? We start to look at it from the human perspective, trying to put two and two together so that it makes sense. We end up limiting our blessings.
We consider what we have to gain, who are we giving it to, how much would we have after giving.

How logical is it to give up all your savings just because God asked you to do it for his kingdom? All? What are you going to survive on?

There was a testimony about a man who donated some amount of money to a church because they wanted to pay their rent. He said he didn’t tell his wife because she would have questioned him, probably to the point of not giving, because they were actually trying to get a new apartment and didn’t even have up to the amount they needed. But things really turned around for them and they didn’t even spend a dime on rent for the new apartment that year.

How logical was it for Abraham to give up his only son Isaac? Today we are called the children of Abraham.
We worry a lot when it’s time to give for the work of God. We give excuses. Even some people do not pay tithe and offering. Not giving when God has asked you to is disobedience and not paying tithe and offering is robbery, both can rob you off Gods blessing.
How logical are you when expecting something from God, do you consider your situation over the God of all flesh.
David said he would not give to God that which would not cost him. (2 Sam 24:24-25)
The widow of Zarephath gave her last (1 Kings 17:10-16) and was met with a bounty beyond her expectation.
The woman with the last coin gave her last (Mark 12:42-44). She probably didn’t have an expectation because the bible never told us so, but she was commended by Jesus himself who praised her for being the one that gave the best.
Solomon gave a thousand offering (1 Kings 3:4-5) and was given uncommon wisdom and much more. He asked for wisdom but got additional blessings.

Irregardless of your situation God can bless you tremendously. Let’s give cheerfully to the work of God as needed in our place of worship. God is not blind as not to notice our needs. He is always a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.


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