Woke Up Like Bleh…..


 Photo Creait: @realtalkkim

Hello beautiful people,

I woke up this morning praying that I do not want to marry someone I do not love. I had a dream of course. It wasn’t about flying objects but I would definitely categorize it under a nightmare because it is indeed a terrible thing to marry someone you do not love.

It starts to look like you have to do everything by compulsion. The person will fill pressurized (Not me and not you in Jesus’ name) and the person definitely would find it difficult to submit to the other person. You are not just hurting yourself, you will hurt the person you will marry, you will hurt your children and you will dent the institution of marriage which is already affected by the rate of divorce (Not me and not you in Jesus’ name).

Do not marry someone because of the person’s appearance, wealth or social status. Do not be unequally yoked; if you do not share the same beliefs or have the same goals, at least goals that meet and originate at the same thought, then really don’t force it. Do your homework well.

Cheers people 😘


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