We are the cause

We are the cause of our problems!
We are the cause of our pain!
When we speak when we dont have
Or smile too much making others take advantage of us
When we try to be so perfect and refuse to share our pain
When we play too much

We are the cause of the wars and famine and global warming
Our quest to live an express life at the expense of our dying environment
We are the cause of our own deaths when we refuse to redeem our souls and live in sin forgetting that it’s wages is death

We are the cause and no one is to blame!
Not God because he warned us. Not even the devil cause he tempts us.

We choose to stand or to fall
We choose to succeed or to fail
We choose to give in or to refrain
We cause what we choose and we carry the curse our cross.

But there is no problem without a solution nor pain without gain.
We can choose to be our medicine and cause our solution.


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