Who is Demiladeayo? Part 1

Halooo everybody!!! 😁


So I’m here again and this time I’m doing a special post about myself 🙌 just so that you can get to know me a lil or whatever it is that you did not know before and please feel free to ask me any question 👇

The first thing to know about me is- who am I?

So my full name is Oluwademiladeayo Jadesola Esther Sangowawa and when I tell people they get so confused so I usually have to shorten my first name to three characters. I’m really proud of my name though cause you see a name holds a lot of meaning and tells a lot about a person and what a person is going to be in the future.

I am an only child and I can’t complain but I thank God cause there’s a reason for everything. Yes it does get lonely sometimes but that’s why I’ve got the Holy Spirit😁

I would describe myself to be an exteoverted introvert that is to say I’m in the middle I think. To save us both the stress of an explanation I’ll say I’ve got the Spirit controlled temperament. I’m very skeptical at times which is my weak point but I also try to see the best in people.

Now next I’m going to talk about my 5 things I love and 5 things I do not love

1. I love to write as you know already and thank you for taking interest in my blog. Just reading it is support enough and God bless you.

2. I love to bake. I’m not the best cook though but I love trying new recipes. I love food.

3. I love to have fun and go out but I also love the relaxing aspect of it.

4. I love children. I love to play with them and teach them. They are so innocent and adorable.

5. I love music. Music is something I can’t explain. It’s like a remedy. It’s a special type of soul food.

I hate-

1. Noise. When a place gets too noisy it throws me off balance especially if whatever is going on has no significance.

2. I hate being bored! Lol like who doesn’t.

3. Okay hate is a strong word but I hate insects 🐜😩👀. I’m not afraid of them anymore cause greater is He that is in me.

4. I hate being upset.

5. I hate the Devil outright.

When it comes to relationships and people.

1. Usually attracted to a calm person.

2. I like people that make me want to be a better me and people I can learn from. I’m trying to be the person that gives back.

3. I’m often misunderstood so I like an understanding sensible person.

4. The most important is someone who loves and fears God.

5. Everyone wants someone they can trust.

Okay so I’m not lazy. I consider going up and down the staircase as exercise but I love to swim- that’s about the only sport I can do well.

So I did a survey by asking some friends what they think about me and what I got was interesting. From their testimonies I think I have to work at contributing more to people’s lives personally 😁

I thinks that’s about it. I’ll probably keep asking about what people think about me. I’ll definitely get to experience more things and keep you updated on that 🙌


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