The Road To For Better

Marriage has been on my mind lately. Not because I'm getting married soon but then again soon can be in a blink of an eye and a lot had led me to pray concerning different things. When I pray, things cross my mind that I like to share and this is how I understand it. Also, … Continue reading The Road To For Better



EPISODE 5: Breathe…… Semester is over and you have all the time to play and catch up on moments you may have missed while studying. Visit your friends, sleep over, go for dinner and swim. Party hard if you want to. But remember you are accountable to God for everything that you do. Once you’re … Continue reading PROSPERDEMICS (5)


EPISODE 4: True Talk. The basic things you have to do, for every exam and in fact throughout the semester, is firstly set a goal for what you want to make- Aim high and not average. Do not limit yourself to what you think your ability is but think prosperity, think higher than whoever is … Continue reading PROSPERDEMICS (4)


EPISODE 3: Why is he so exited? So firstly, open the door to prosperity and by doing that you’ve made up your mind that ‘never’ is not in your dictionary. Secondly, you’ve made the decision to trust God all the way. School Work can be boring. School itself is interesting when you’re going out and … Continue reading PROSPERDEMICS (3)


EPISODE 2: Why Should You Succeed? As I stated in the first part of the series, the first step to being great academically is to open the door to prosperity. Prosperity is something that God wants for you. It is something He has placed inside of you. He gave you 5 senses and a brain … Continue reading PROSPERDEMICS (2)


EPISODE 1: KNOCK! KNOCK! Hello Beautiful People, it’s me again – Demiladeayo. I am doing a series today, basically something to help those in school, especially my people in Ghana! Heeyyy KNUST. Exams are just around the corner I'm guessing. It feels so good to be done with school hehehe. Guys just hang in there, … Continue reading PROSPERDEMICS


   Can't begin to explain how excited I am to be leaving Enugu. Not because Enugu is a bad place but because there is no place like home.  I stayed at a place called Agbani in Nkanu West.I don't have a picture now but I would surely upload one when I get back to Enugu. … Continue reading Reasons

Chosen To Declare His Praises

Hello beautiful. Yesterday, I heard a beautiful sermon during our Nigerian Coper Christian Fellowship, Enugu, By Pastor Kola Oyekale. I was really blessed and wanted to share it with you. There is a purpose in God's mind concerning you and that is why you are alive. You were not born by mistake contrary to what … Continue reading Chosen To Declare His Praises


Hello Beautiful People, This is Demiladeayo all the way from Enugu, the city on the hill. I admit that network here isn't the best though. But as always it's Monday and it's time to Build You!!  A word came to me the other day but I didn't quiet understand it at first. This was the day … Continue reading Dedication 

Stop at nothing Part 2 

Buki sighed. Finally, the report was over and the slides were ready for tomorrow's presentation. She was really pushing for a promotion and a managerial position was just a pebble throw away. She sighed again, this time out of frustration. How was she going to get home at this hour? It was 9pm. Her car … Continue reading Stop at nothing Part 2