Hello Beautiful People, This is Demiladeayo all the way from Enugu, the city on the hill. I admit that network here isn’t the best though. But as always it’s Monday and it’s time to Build You!! 

A word came to me the other day but I didn’t quiet understand it at first. This was the day before I left for NYSC.

Proverbs 22:29
Seest thou a man diligent in his business?he shall stand before kings;he shall not stand before mean men.

I knew it was something I was going to write about but I didn’t have a message for it. 
That afternoon, my sister from school called me to help her with a praise and worship list and I said I would. So, while I was making dinner, I was just thinking about what to send her. Trying to make sure I don’t forget. I was also thinking about church and who the next choir head would be. I was also thinking about what I was going to post on Demiladeayo’s blog.It occurred to me that God doesn’t look at your religion. He is not respecter of persons and looks at those that can get the message across and get the work done. 

I started thinking about church again. Our fellowship leader told us many times that he was never nominated by the previous president but somehow he was made president after him. It’s happened in different units as well. And I saw that sometimes you might feel someone is qualified one way but God sees further. 

While writing I remembered the story of Elisha. He was not a son of a prophet; he was a farmer. The sons of the prophets probably didn’t know that he would be Elijah’s successor but God saw how diligent he was. Elisha was so diligent that he refused to leave his masters side till Elijah was taken. He knew what he wanted and followed it through to the end. Elisha stood before kings. 
Opah and Ruth, both daughters-in-law of Naomi, went through a lot. They lost their husbands and their mother-in-law was leaving too. But while Opah left after being persuaded by Naomi, Ruth stayed with Naomi to the end and was rewarded for it. And she was not even a Jew.
Diligence would open doors for you that others who have been discouraged and gave up would not reach. 
Whatever you hands find to do, do it well, with all your might and cheerfulness. Your labour would never go unrewarded.
Enjoy your week everybody. 


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