Chosen To Declare His Praises

Hello beautiful.

Yesterday, I heard a beautiful sermon during our Nigerian Coper Christian Fellowship, Enugu, By Pastor Kola Oyekale. I was really blessed and wanted to share it with you.
There is a purpose in God’s mind concerning you and that is why you are alive. You were not born by mistake contrary to what your parents or your enemies may have have told you, because, God does not make mistakes. You were created to show forth God’as praises. (2 peter 2:9; Revelations 4:11)
“You are not a child of circumstance but a child of necessity. You are created to exist now.”
According to 2 peter 2:9, you understand that you are a chosen generation. Also, you are a Royal Priesthood. You belong to a kingdom and that kingdom has a King and a People.

You are from a nation which operates on the principle of Holiness, righteousness and purity.
You should understand that you are a peculiar person. You are now a citizen of this new nation; of this kingdom. You were called out of darkness into light.
As mentioned earlier. This new nation operates by holiness, by light. There is another kingdom, which is the Kingdom of the world, that operates by the principle of darkness, disobedience, sin, and fear.
Your origin started with the kingdom of the world but now you have been translated; birthed into; brought into a new Kingdom and this is the Kingdom of God. You no longer, should not and cannot operate by the system or by the same principles of the old Kingdom.
God has invested in you to show forth his praises. He has given you :

1. Life
2. Time
3. Talent
4. Resources
5. Finances

You will have to account for all that you do with these.

The system of God operates by Faith. Faith comes by hearing the word of God. So the just, the elect, the peculiar people operate by the word of God. By studying the word of God you will know how to effectively use what God has given you.
What God has given you is to :

1. Advance the Kingdom
2. Take care of your family and your community
3. Give inheritance to your children’s children
4. Enjoy life

For the things God has given you Genesis 1:28 :

1. Be fruitful because anyone that does not bear fruit is cut off and thrown into the fire. But he that bears fruit would be pruned. You can bear fruit by being constantly connected to the vine (John 15)

2. Multiply, increase in abundance, and make plenty. Scarcity is a mindset. You have to know your value. Know your worth. Have confidence in the ability that God has given you. Most people are stuck were they are because they are constantly waiting on someone to take them to the next level.

3. Replenish, be filled, be satisfied and overflow. God created you to be a person of influence. When you are satisfied, then you should begin to bless those around you.

4. Subdue means to conquer or place under subjection. You are to subdue anything that is trying to subdue you. You are to oppress any oppressor in your family or in the life of those you come in contact with. You are more than a conqueror

5. Lastly, you are to have Dominion. You are to Rule. You are to lead.
Every decision you make affects your tomorrow. Your ability can take you to the next level but your character will sustain you. Know your worth. Know what God has placed in you and use it to praise him.


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