Can’t begin to explain how excited I am to be leaving Enugu. Not because Enugu is a bad place but because there is no place like home. 
I stayed at a place called Agbani in Nkanu West.I don’t have a picture now but I would surely upload one when I get back to Enugu. It wasn’t very uncomfortable but it had this townish feeling to it (Not like bobbling Lagos šŸ˜‰); with the dust, inconsistent power supply( at least we had a generator that came on for an hour during fellowship meeting) and water from the well. As I was having my bath, looking down at the cloudy water, (I couldn’t see the bottom of the bucket and I didn’t have detol or any disinfectant) I wondered how Jesus survived. 

He came from Heaven where there was constant light and no darkness- He is the source of Heaven’s light. He had to come to earth to live in a house made of clay; no light; living as a carpenter’s son; no Facebook or Instagram, Whatsapp or Bbm; constant heat and cold. I couldn’t wait to get to civilization, but this was his home for the 33 years he was on earth. Truly the life of a carpenter’s son is far different from the life of a Sanhedrin or a King. He was born in a manger probably on the same red mud soil I walk on everyday. Yet he learnt obedience from the things he suffered.
I truly learnt to be humble though. Two people told me I looked like I was soaked in “ajeboism”. One said he was shocked to see how I was able to handle everything around me with ease and stride and I didn’t act like it was beneath me despite the fact that that was how I looked. I laughed. I told him my parents brought me up well. 

It’s not easy to draw water from a well, and if there is no rain for a long time, the well could dry up. Probably in Jesus’ time there was one well to a community so there was always a long queue. Imagine the only water closet they had was a pit toilet. Or maybe they passed waste in the stream and used this same water to bathe. There are so many things we don’t have to suffer due to urbanization, but Jesus went through all this. Not for a week or 3 weeks but for all the time he was on earth and he did it because he loved us. He loved you and he loved me. I feel like the most precious being on this earth for God to leave his mighty throne and come to earth just because he wanted to die so that I will live. 
There is always a lesson in the things that we go through. So, don’t give up. Just continue to trust God. Be encouraged.  Love you and Shalom.


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