EPISODE 2: Why Should You Succeed?

DSC_0061 (2)As I stated in the first part of the series, the first step to being great academically is to open the door to prosperity. Prosperity is something that God wants for you. It is something He has placed inside of you. He gave you 5 senses and a brain and the ability to adapt. In fact your entire make-up is not just so that you can survive but so that you can thrive and excel in every situation no matter where you find yourself. That is the first thing you should tell yourself every morning when you wake up. Speak God’s word to your life.

“The first step to having great success is to have God on your side”
Yes, yes, yes! No matter the excuses you give, you need God. It’s like trying a new product, you won’t know if it works or not until you actually use it. If you’ve never had a personal relationship with God and you really want to do well academically, you have missed a very important step, so you need to back track and take it the proper way.
Prayer: Lord, I need you
Thank you for dying for me, thank you for your sacrifice so that I can live an abundant life
Help me to always trust in you and lead my in the path of your righteousness.

This prayer is very simply. But you have to believe in your heart and confess it with your mouth. Let people know there’s something different about you and that you are going to supersede all their expectations of you or who they thought you were. Study the word of God. That’s the guiding principle to living a successful life and not just academically.
With God on your side there is no limit to what you can achieve. You have to believe in God and of course believe in you.
A lot, a lot of times we look down on our abilities. A lot of people do not believe in themselves. God Promised a Helper, the Holy Spirit. This gift comes with fellowship with him. The Holy Spirit is a Persona Gift. He helps, he teaches, he strengthens, comforts- cause sometimes you will get 1 out of 15marks and want to give up. He gives you peace instead of fear.
Never think that it is too late to catch up on your academics. I’ve heard a testimony about a guy from a friend of mine, who started on a 2’2, which is like blow 60 or so. This guy eventually graduated with a first class. I personally do not know the person but someone else was sharing his testimony. Even though in my first semester in school I was at the top of my class, for my second semester I was hanging between a 2’1 and 2’2, which of course brought my scores down. I made a decision that hence forth I was not going to drop again and speedily worked myself back up to the top of the class. Never tell yourself it’s too late. There was a quote that I heard that “what you did not achieve at 20 is not too late to be achieved by forty, you may have missed the time but you are only a failure when you give up and don’t do it all” that’s basically what it meant.
So this is the first step after the first decision.


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