EPISODE 3: Why is he so exited?

DSC_0061 (2)So firstly, open the door to prosperity and by doing that you’ve made up your mind that ‘never’ is not in your dictionary. Secondly, you’ve made the decision to trust God all the way.

School Work can be boring. School itself is interesting when you’re going out and having fun but when it’s time to do the work it becomes boring and sort of a burden. Sometimes when I’m in class I wonder why people are so excited, asking questions and giving contributions, because most times I’m clueless to what they are talking about and I end up sleeping.
Not all text books have pictures and fancy colors-that’s why I liked thermodynamics because it made sense- but mechanics- Ose!
It can get really frustrating when you seem to be constantly hitting a brick wall and your colleagues are just sailing through.

Well, you need to know that people are different. Not everyone enjoys the same thing. So rather than dissing on someone else’s strengths you need to discover your own
. I mentioned it one time when my Pastor told me to give a talk on academic success that you need to know what works for you. In secondary school they asked us to have block pads or memory cards, not sure what they call it, but it’s like small notes that you go through to remember what you’ve been taught. Those in the medical department use this cards a lot. It’s important to have a small jotter as well so that when you read you put down summaries that make it easier to recall. I can have like 4 jotters for one topic and it would just be the same thing over and over in each. The more I write, I guess it’s easier to remember. There are some people however that don’t write notes, they have “photographic memory” or they “recall what they hear” don’t follow them oh!!! If that is not your style please do not try to be adventurous.
Some people read in groups, some people read alone- wisdom is profitable to direct. Ask yourself what you need at a particular time and do not look down on another person for embracing their style over yours.
Whatever reading methods you choose compare it with the results you get at the end of the semester. If the results are good then your method was good if your first paper didn’t go well with the method you used, try another reading method before the next paper.
Don’t be discouraged. If your first paper didn’t go well, don’t talk about it. In fact if anyone asks how your paper went tell them it went great because God is in control and pray that paper up to an A. Unless the person you are telling can help you feel better or would pray with you, it’s really not their business. You may have written an F paper but with God’s backing your F would become and A. With God all you have to do is believe.


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