EPISODE 4: True Talk.

DSC_0061 (2)The basic things you have to do, for every exam and in fact throughout the semester, is firstly set a goal for what you want to make- Aim high and not average. Do not limit yourself to what you think your ability is but think prosperity, think higher than whoever is at the top of your class. Whatever you think about is who you eventually become.
When you have written down your goals (all A’s this semester, nothing less than 75 in each course) then plan your time table according to how much time you need to dedicate. The toughest ones need more time. The ones with the highest credit need to be studied carefully over longer hours. Plan it to suit you. When you’re tired, take a break, but also be disciplined about it. You cannot read for 30 minutes and take a break for one hour. Be careful what you say, what you watch and what you read so that mental junk waste products do not get mixed up with your academic work in your brain. You had the whole of the semester to watch movies, play video games and read novels, take a break from that during test periods. Let your brain know what’s important. Fast your boy friend. Tell him you’ll see him during lunch break or after exams are over. It’s just two weeks or less. Fast Facebook and Whatsapp and junk food that can make your brain dull.
Be focused and be disciplined. Study your bible and pray- those are things you need constantly. God can always give you answers. He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
Now to note!!!! Past question is not your life- it is a guide. If you read past question as your hand out you will fail or remain average till you graduate. If you have indeed read, the past question is something to test your knowledge and sometimes expose you to things you may have missed. Some lecturers are smart and change a few things; if you do not know the process you will get stuck. Some people are smart and know how to manipulate but how about you?
Cheating can get you resuscitated. I know people who cheat and still had to repeat the year. Some people were so confident in the people they were cheating with that when they failed they went to hold the other person. Is he your savior? Learn to be independent. It commands respect. If you know something, help people outside of the exam room and not inside. I used to cheat when I was in secondary school and it did me no good. In the university, sometimes I really didn’t know what to write and it’s almost like if I cheat would that be bad because when I look around it’s almost like an open book test cause everyone is chatting and dubbing. Times when I give in and stretch my neck (slams forehead) – let’s just say God has a way of chastising those he loves. If you are relying on God, then you trust him with all your heart.


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