EPISODE 5: Breathe……

DSC_0061 (2)Semester is over and you have all the time to play and catch up on moments you may have missed while studying. Visit your friends, sleep over, go for dinner and swim. Party hard if you want to. But remember you are accountable to God for everything that you do. Once you’re done do not just fling your pen away and be like it’s over.
“Alright God, we are on a temporary break.”
This is when you need to pray the hardest. You have crazy lecturers, demonic TA’s and even hateful friends that will be praying that you fail. They aren’t really your friends then. Anything can happen because the Devil doesn’t want to see you smile but God does and that is why you should succeed. You need to pray about the papers you’ve written, pray about your result goals and that they will reflect in what you’ve written. Pray that your angels will not be idle because yes, yes, you do have guardian angels.
These are but a few things that have worked for me while in school. They are very simple and common points but even then, the sheep will always be sheep and the goats will always be goats. Choose wisely who you would rather be. Practice what you learn. Bless others with what you’ve learnt and bring glory to God.


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