DSC_0061 (2)Hello Beautiful People, it’s me again – Demiladeayo. I am doing a series today, basically something to help those in school, especially my people in Ghana! Heeyyy KNUST. Exams are just around the corner I’m guessing. It feels so good to be done with school hehehe. Guys just hang in there, just a few months left.
This post isn’t just for those in the University, it applies to anyone that is about to seat for any major exam regardless of who you are or where. In this series, which I am dividing into 5, I am basically going to share my experiences, instances where I have failed and things I hope you could do to get to heights I didn’t get to.

So this first part I’ve decided to tittle Knock, Knock…..
Quiet alright from the beginning of the semester, assignments and tests have been knocking on your door and very soon, your end of semester exams would be knocking too. But you know what, Prosperity is also knocking and all you have to do it open the door for it.

Knock! Knock!
Person 1: Who’s there?
Person 2: It’s Prosperity.

Throughout my junior secondary years I was what you will call no-brainer. Not that I didn’t have a brain but things just weren’t turning out right. Maybe it was too much TV. In my second year in junior secondary which is Js2 I got myself glasses. Then, it was glasses or braces and glasses made me feel smart- and it was cheaper. Fortunately, I managed to get on the honors list. In my school, we had this honours board where those that did well had their name plastered; all colorful and nice. Parents will come to school and be like “See all these people, why is your name not here? Do they have two heads?” Well my parents never said that. I don’t even remember how many times they came to my school but at home they will call one of my aunties to tongue lash me and I will be crying. It is a similar situation in Universities these days were results are pasted on the notice board for all to see their fate. It can be a nerve wrecking moment. So, apparently I made it on the honors list and I thought my glasses was my good luck charm, but in Js3, Ta! Nothing! During the junior secondary school break, that very long break after the exam, I’m not sure what happened but things changed. I started to Know God for myself. I learnt about God when I was younger but now I started to know him and it helped. I took the decision to not cheat during tests or exams and that whatever happened it was in God’s hands, and things did really change. It was a great feeling. But that was just one part of my life that made sense. I still needed God to work on whole other things.
I applied the same principles in University and got by wonderfully, graduated top of my class, Mechanical Engineering. Tough innit- CALL: but who did it! (Screaming) – RESPONSE: God did it!
But you see no matter how much you trust God if you don’t use your hands and your brain, you will definitely not fail- cause God never fails, but you will not attain the level of prosperity you are aiming for. If you read your life out and you aint got the Divine Back-up… well that’s pretty much a bargain for you.

The first decision you have to make is opening the door to prosperity and you can only do that if it’s what you want.
It’s your choice. Some people don’t want to Prosper. They want to pass and gerrout of school. Such people unconsciously drag a whole lot of other ignorant people into their web of deceit. A lot of people go into school having no idea of what they want. They don’t even like the course they were given. Some people in secondary school find themselves in sciences, when they really want to be in arts or social sciences. It is either you make the bestest best, no matter where you find yourself or you find a way to switch as soon as possible. Sometimes, parents are at fault and need to check themselves so that they do no literally ruin their children’s lives.
I met an awesome young man whose initial intention was to study mechanical engineering but ended up doing business administration. I was confused. When did engineering and business administration become brothers? But this young man knew something. God was in control and he had to make the best of where he was. He ended up making friends for a lifetime and was even on a first class, sadly he passed away. But till today we would always remember him because of the impact he made.
You need to make the right decisions. Because the first bad decision you make can go on to affect you for a long time unless you do something about it.


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