The Proverbs 31 Man

   Yepeee! It's really been an awesome year so far. So many things to be grateful for. I'm especially grateful cause we'll be rounding off the year with the 51st post. Hasn't God been good? (Statistics are available) So, it's reltaionship Thursay and I'm putting a little twist on the famous Proverbs 31 passage and … Continue reading The Proverbs 31 Man


When the going gets tough. 

Good morning beautiful, Hope your Christmas was fun, interesting and victorious. Heard a lot that went down this Christmas season and the truth is that we just have to be thankful no matter what. Only the living can praise God.  Job 1:9 Then Satan answered the Lord and said, “Does Job fear God for no … Continue reading When the going gets tough. 

This is your story.

Through the course of the year we've had our own stories. Moments that shook us, moments that remoulded us and reoriented our thinking. We've had stories that have broken us, uplifted us, and given us strength. But we should never compare our stories with those of others. We may have experienced a similar story but … Continue reading This is your story.

All Hail! 

  Morning Beautiful. I have to admit that preparing for today was such a trial but in everything we rejoice. I rejoice more in the hope that God is about to do something great today and reveal something to you. Be expectant today. Love you. As I lay in bed two nights ago, I pictured … Continue reading All Hail! 

Only A Fool…

  Hello beautiful,  I have to admit that this whole NYSC has kept me in a frenzy and had disrupted my normal schedule. But non the less I've kept it planned to reach out to you every Monday for Build Up and let you know what's up!! 😎  But really, if anyone knows why NYSC … Continue reading Only A Fool…

Stop being so critical 

Hello Beautiful,  I picked this topic from 'The Word For Today' devotional that I started reading and it's also a topic that I've struggled with.  One thing is certain, that everyone is criticized whether you are doing very well or you are doing something wrong. People would always have something to say.  The devotional gave … Continue reading Stop being so critical 

Stop at nothing 3

The abrupt pause caused Mula to go slow on the chorus. In his mind, the blood of Jesus was still ringing and his lips were vibrating but no sound came. He stared at his Madam. She was staring at his table but she was not blinking, her mind clearly miles away from the small congested … Continue reading Stop at nothing 3