Stop being so critical 

Hello Beautiful, 
I picked this topic from ‘The Word For Today’ devotional that I started reading and it’s also a topic that I’ve struggled with. 
One thing is certain, that everyone is criticized whether you are doing very well or you are doing something wrong. People would always have something to say. 

The devotional gave an illustration of Moses, who was criticized by his sibling, Mariam, for marrying a Cushite wife. But, the real reason for this was because God was speaking through Moses which made his siblings jealous of him. 
Also, the reason why some believers are scared to share their problems or come to Christ is the fear of being criticized or rejected because of what they’ve done. No one likes to be judged or criticized.  

I had this same issue of being a critic. I found fault in what people did and dwelt on that rather than seeing the good in them. I always had this standard of what people should be and was often disappointed when they didn’t amount to it, despite the fact that I knowingly had my own short comings. But then I also realized something that changed my orientation of things: 

Romans 5:8
but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

When we were still living in sin and doing all sorts of negative things, this same Holy God sent His Son to die for us. He even started planning for our redemption from the time of Adam and Eve, being the God that knows all things. 
He was hurt by our sin but never pushed us away. He never gave up on us because He loves us. 

It is with this same approach that we see ourselves through the eyes of God. We complement each other’s faults with the good that we have seen or want to see in each other. 
There was a man in my school back in Ghana, who always greeted people the way he wanted to see them. It made people feel special and also changed the way they saw themselves. It made them better people. 

Let’s encourage ourselves and rejoice with one another; rather than trying to pull down with bad comments. 
Let’s not be victims of the ‘finger pointing syndrome’. Also let us not be afraid to come to God with our short comings, He is ever willing to forgive us and help us overcome our faults. 

God help us. Have a lovely week guys. Love you!!! 


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