This is your story.

Through the course of the year we’ve had our own stories. Moments that shook us, moments that remoulded us and reoriented our thinking. We’ve had stories that have broken us, uplifted us, and given us strength. But we should never compare our stories with those of others. We may have experienced a similar story but went through the motions differently. The moment we start to compare our stories; our experiences, we have failed to see God’s hand in the situation. The moment you look at someone else and you say “why is that working out for her and not for me”, you’ve taken God to be a liar cause you’re trying to say that He failed you or He was never there: 1.God never fails 2.He will never leave you and He will never forsake you. Things don’t work out because we try to do it ourselves; logically and by our strength and…. we aren’t thankful. 
If we learn to be thankful in every situation then we start to see God in every situation. It doesn’t mean that the situation will automatically begin to look good again but we would experience a peace, a joy and a contentment that can only come from His Spirit. 

So when next you’re tempted to compare your story, thank God instead. Thank Him for the victories. Thank Him for the battles you may have lost. Thank Him for that fellow that you are trying to compare yourself with. Watch The Lord overwhelm you with his love and hope for time to come. Remember it’s working out for your good. His plans for you are for good and His will is good, pleasing and perfect. When you feel discouraged lean on the promises of God; look into His word.

God loves you.  Your story is great.


2 thoughts on “This is your story.

  1. Senna Hammond says:

    This is practically it! Once you compare,you will never ever be grateful for what the Lord has done. And from there grows jealousy in your heart. Nice piece,my darling Ayo


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