When the going gets tough. 

Good morning beautiful,
Hope your Christmas was fun, interesting and victorious. Heard a lot that went down this Christmas season and the truth is that we just have to be thankful no matter what. Only the living can praise God. 

Job 1:9
Then Satan answered the Lord and said, “Does Job fear God for no reason?

This season had also been a bit challenging for me also. I was telling some friends that when we were small all we had to do was to wake up in the morning and the food was ready and the presents were wrapped and just show up for the parties but being older now we have to wake up early and do the cooking and tidying up and setting up games for the party and buying the presents. Things like this can be stressful and just zone you out of the Christmas atmosphere. But it always helps to remember the reason for the season; Jesus Christ. 

So bringing us to what I want to write about today, I said it had been challenging for me and I’m sure for some people too. I was thinking of so many things; but then the passage above came to me and I really had to ask myself: Do I serve God for nothing? 
We all know the story of Job, of how he was sooooo well to do and one day things just started going down hill. In fact he lost everything. He was upset quiet alright and he wanted to die but he never denied God. In the end God was happy with him and blessed him even much more. 

So here I am thinking that if God didn’t give me what I wanted for Christmas or the new year plans didn’t fall into place or if I lost what I had what would I do?
I was planning on sewing a monetary seed with the hope of God blessing me with more money and I was like if what I was praying for didn’t eventually materialize what was I going to do? Would I look for money somewhere else? Would I start doing shady businesses? Would I start disbelieving God? 

Many times we loose faith when we don’t see results. We loose faith in God when things become tough for us. The challenges we face can cause us to become discouraged and sick with worry. When we face challenges that threaten our relationship with God we just have to do three things: 

1. Tell God about it. 
2. Thank Him for it. Philippians 4:6
3. Trust Him for it. Proverbs 3:5-6

After doing this I felt at peace. I remembered that no matter what happened God’s will for me will always be the best and everything given to me was to give Him glory. 

See your challenges as a stepping stone to a new level. Never stop fearing God. Never compromise. Happy New Year in Advance.

Love you 😘


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