Green Lights

I was so excited about the prophesies while watching the Holy Ghost Service on the first Friday of January 2016 (RCCG). I even keyed into one particularly which was ‘Hence forth the lights are green’ 
I accepted it, double assured, because the week before at church, City of Joy,Maryland, my pastor, Pastor Lekan Olayiwola, made the exact same prophesy. He even asked us if we knew what traffic light is and that the lights were turning green. 

This prophesy can have different meanings to different people and is also not a prophesy for everyone depending on what God is saying to you. But, I decree also for someone reading this that the lights are green for you hence forth in Jesus name. 

I remembered the story of Saul and David. At one point Saul had just arrived from battle and having won he was asked to wait for Samuel to offer sacrifice to God, but went ahead to do the sacrifice. This disobedience came with consequences and he was de-crowned.
Also, David returned from a battle, but returned to meet his settlement in a worse state with his wife, children and property gone. But he did something which Saul didn’t do- he inquired of the Lord and was given the green light to recover all. 

If you’re going through something and can’t wait to get out or if you are at the point of making a major decision and if God has asked you to be patient, please be. But, if God has given you the green light please go forward with a joyful heart, without doubt or fear, because He that started a good work is faithful to complete it. 

Enjoy your week.šŸ˜˜

RCCG Prayer point for Friday 8/01/2016 
1. Father, I declare and decree that my tomorrow will be alright 
2. Father, I declare and decree that this is my best year so far.
3. Father, every prayer we pray this year shall be answered /yield result
4. Father, before the end of this month we shall all be singing for joy
5. Father (hear me loud and clear) i decree n declare, henceforth, it shall be well with me
6. Father, i PROMISE to be profitable. Pls don’t cut me off
7. (Lift ur hands up) Father pls let ur works prosper in my hands
8. Father, I agree that you will reverse the irreversible. 
9. Father iJN no more losses
10. Father, please give me hearing ears and a doing heart.
11. father pls take over ( my business, family, job, ministry, finances…)


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