Unioly (Holy Union) 

When Christ is coming he is coming for a spotless church. That is why as the body of Christ we are to be holy as our Heavenly Father is holy because He cannot stand iniquity. 

In marriages today, we find people that are unequally yoked coming together to form a union. It becomes difficult to live the holy life God expects from you while waiting for your second marriage. It’s different if both of you were not Christians before getting married and one person comes to Christ: in such a case you’re able to win over the other person by your change of conduct because your partner who once knew you one way is surprised at the better person you’ve become. However if before going into marriage you both decided(agreed) to be in your different religions, then there would be a lot of unresolved discrepancies on the way which you cannot now disagree on in your marriage.

Marriage has a lot of challenges on its own just as living has challenges we tackle everyday. The point of marriage is not to take you from God as was the case with Adam and Eve. Instead it’s supposed to hasten the agreements you have with God as in his word saying ‘what two people agree on will be done by my Father in heaven’. It’s a divine Union and not one to make you loose your salvation.  

I was in a relation where things were very vulgar between the person I was going out with and I. In that relationship I found it difficult to forgive, I held grudges and was always angry and insultive. I had this mentality that a person just wasn’t what they seemed to be outside. This really affected my relationship with God cause I was most times bitter.
We often hear the statement that “don’t envy any relationship because you never know what goes on behind closed doors”. We should embrace the relationship in which we could open all the door and windows to let people see us an example as Daniel did when he opened all the doors and windows to pray to show he had nothing to hide because he was righteous before God. 

Let’s not be unequally yoked. We should ensure that God is involved in every relationship we go into. Let’s always keep our eyes focused on God.


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