What about Valentine’s Day?

My only Vals present from my friend!.

Yay so Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I’m sure a few people are excited. As for me, I’m praying church would just be for the whole day so that it won’t be like I didn’t have anything planned.  

I struggled with this post a bit because I wanted to be sure that I was absolutely right! But if you have other ideas let me know okay? This is seeing Valentine’s Day through my eyes! 


1. Time to give, eat cake and receive gifts.

As you can tell I love cake! Thank God Valentine’s Day is on Sunday so I will just go to church and eat cake. Most times we are busy and I get it that Valentine’s Day is an opportune time to go out and do something nice for your loved ones; get them something nice for no reason at all except that you love them. With celebration of love in the air, there are lots of give-aways, special offers for couples and parties! So it definitely is going to be an interesting weekend. 

  2. Time to make money. 
A guy in my office was complaining about how the prices of cakes had gone up. He was furious. 

“I ordered this cake yesterday and today they have added extra 2500!” 

Those that make hampers would sell like crazy. Even super markets would start stacking the scented roses and cellular networks will make money. Guys that won’t have money to buy a nice present would buy credit and sweet talk bae instead. Let’s not leave out restaurants! 

3. Time to spend money. 
Yes now! For one to receive money someone has to spend it. That special loved one that would want to do everything and anything for his special “bae”. Abi now? Guys that would try to impress- “my valentine present better pass yours”.  

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4. Quality time 
With working 8 hours a week coupled with Lagos traffic and a demanding family, sometimes you just need to sneak away with your loved one and just spend quality time. Catch up on missed moments, laugh, gist, play and take a selfie.


1. Forming season
 Even if I get nothing this period, I have already prepared one picture that I would post on Instagram and comment “valentine cake #chilling”. It can be that bad. Most adverts are directed towards couple outings and most offers are for two. When I turn on the radio, the topic is love or hurt. For someone who has lost the love of their life or for our single sisters or brothers, this can be frustrating. We would feel left out. As for me, I would just take myself out. But, even if we like to be independent- we want to be pampered small too. We don’t want to have to lie and pretend!!! 

2. Further Intentions
A question was once asked that what does a guy want from a relationship and this young man confidently stood up and said sex. It might not be true for every guy but in the society we live in most of our relationships are usually about sexual benefits. How wonderful it is to take advantage of the romantic atmosphere of the valentine period to woo your loved one into bed. Sex before marriage isn’t advised and people usually interchange love with the idea of romance. 


3. Eye Service 
So Val’s day was fun but the cake did not follow you to your house. You spent all that money just to soak Garri the next day. Well let’s just say it’s all for love. Love is a sacrifice. How about when you’re angry at him because the teddy bear he bought for you was two sizes smaller than your room mates. Sometimes it brings unnecessary pressure to impress and just to feed our egos.

4. When bae is too hot
 After you have planned to take her out and you find out that you’re not the only one she’s planned the day with. Well, I guess you’ll have to wait your turn. How about when you realize that you’re not the only girl he bought cake for and then all over social media you see quotes that make you feel like the side chick. 


All in all Valentine’s Day is just a day!!! But our expression of love should not just be set out for one day alone.We should try everyday to make out time for that person we love. Always do something surprising and sweet. Let’s not get carried away with what others are doing in their relationship. Being alone doesn’t make you lonely. If you don’t get a Valentine’s present, it is not the end of the world, especially if it is not from a guy friend; just be content doing good for someone. 
Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!!! At the same time I like cake šŸ˜


2 thoughts on “What about Valentine’s Day?

  1. JoeBlogs says:

    Ergh. I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day at all. Overly commercialised. Very little isn’t clichĆ©. I’m such a hater. xD I’ve never been into that stuff. I have someone in my life, but unfortunately can’t get to them on Valentine’s Day to give them the flowers and chocolates they were be quite pleased to get. I’m Scrooge, really.

    Liked by 1 person

    • demiladeayo says:

      But why now? I completely get it that you don’t have to be a fan of Valentine’s Day. But at least once in a while- at any other time you should do something nice for your loved one. Not being a fan does not mean you don’t know how to love!!


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