Dream Girl or God’s will


It’s always great to have friends that would send you wonderful messages that open your eyes to new things🙈
I decided to share this with you. Two different people sent me messages on two different days on relationships. The second message was something I had come across while listening to one of Myles Munroe’s teachings on marriage so I was really happy to share it too. You’ll learn a lot, like I have, that most times we have to set aside our idols( the perfect guy or woman figure in our mind) and look to God to guide us his way Psalm 143:10.



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The SEXIEST Thing About My Dream Wife.

There is a Nigerian proverb that owns a special spot in my heart; The man with a beautiful wife and the farmer with his corn by the roadside both have the same issues. Kwerrrr, dating a drop dead gorgeous woman, it’s a special calling o, trust me, I KNOW.
We all have things we wish for in the person we’ll marrry, like for me she being a fantastic cook is such a big deal! Im not going to deny it, I love body! The way I see it, if the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, well how about some curvy architecture for the worshipper!? But that’s just me, for you, he being rich or ambitious could be what gets you weak in the knees. Or she having Krobosutra potential could be what kills you.
There are girls who love a man because of the family he comes from or the school he went to and there are men who love a woman because of the length of her hair or the lightness of her shade…which begs a whole new conversation about how she ended up halfco when she was born ebony black. But let’s leave that’s for another day.
There are guys who love a woman because she doesn’t need him for money and there are women who love a man because he claims to be a ‘tuber holder’ (im not explaining further). Now I’ve given all this good thought and seen quite a bit in my few years, so I have resolute conviction on the sexiest trait your partner could have; the passion for prayer.
Honestly, I don’t think your sweetheart being prayerful is sexy because I am Christian…it’s actually a logical conclusion. I know a woman whose hubby buys her a new car each time she catches him cheating. I know of men who watch hardcore porn, even though they are married to women with bodies like offerings.
I know of men who would rather eat stale roadside indomie than the 5 star cuisine of their horror wife. I know of women who’ll find more bliss in the potbelly of a bald man than in the fit arms of the abusive hunk lying beside them. There are plenty of these.
But even if your husband is a good rich man, or your wife is good with kitchen and bedsheet skills and your sweetheart has all those other wow traits, the tap runs dry eventually if she is not genuinely prayerful and he isn’t really right with God.
Fam, there are doors that only prayer can open. People try to reason an attitudinal change in a partner like it’s always the consequence of something they did wrong. It’s not. We love the Bible for Jabez’s prayers, Solomon’s wealth, Elijah’s keche and all those juicy promises God made, but we don’t place enough premium on the verse that says “…for we do not war against flesh and blood…”
Look, if it was flesh and blood then body trainers, extended eyelashes and silicon boobs will be appropriate weapons. If it was flesh and blood, then a fat account, Taekwando and Viagra or Agya Appiah bitters would be the right weapons…but it’s not. Because there are things that can only be overcome by prayer and fasting…not Onga and ripped abs.
Deciding to marry someone with money and body and family and swag as the fuel to your romance is like setting out on a cross-Atlantic journey in a flashy car; it can only get you to the beach! To sail the seas or straddle the skies, boo or bae must know their way to heavens gate!
True, church is littered with many wolves in sheep clothing, but if you yourself are prayerful, you’ll be able to discern the genuine from the fake.
So take a good look at the boo who may father your children or the bae you’ll be tied to for life and ask some really hard questions. If he isn’t the kind of man you can do warfare with or she’s not the kind of woman you can wake up at dawn to see travailing for you, watch that space ooo watch that space. The boyfriend you have now is just the trailer of the movie you’ll watch for the rest of your life, does that sound like a good time?
See, sex, no matter how good cannot bring the miracle of a baby to a barren womb. Food, no matter how delicious cannot convict an adulterous husband. Money, no matter how much will not satisfy a gold digging wife. Skin, no matter how fair will not hold back the slaps of an abusive husband. There are some things only true prayer can deal with.
If you find a man sexy or a woman irresistible, among other things, let it also be because they are genuinely prayerful. It’ll be a much much wiser decision than buying treasury bills po. Marry into prayer…it will bring you health, wealth and all the komininis…assuming boo/bae isnt a lazy sloth. 

Walking in the will of God as revealed in the word (A relationship/marriage case study)…

A Christian lady and guy were asked to write down what qualities they want in and man. 
I’m sure you can guess what was in the list…
My wife was asked on my wedding day how she’d address me in the marriage…
Imagine what the crowd would have said if she responded “My Lord”(1Pet.3:6)😁…

Imagine what other ladies would say about her…
Well she didn’t…😥
We have taught that marriage is built up by love and romance and all the romantic ideas we see and learn from all places.
But the all knowing God said something entirely different in the scriptures and mind you, he is not old school because he predicted already things that would happen in what we call future. So he’s well aware or he was aware of what trends will be like in our times… yet he left his old idea as guide and principles for us…
Observe that the only reference to love in marriage is from the man to the woman in Eph.5:25 And the love is qualified as Christ Loved the church. It’s not romantic love. No mentions of flower and dates and all… (remember I don’t have anything against these, we are just discussing scriptures as the foundation)

And the woman? Submit… that’s all.
Do you know the word husband used in the scriptures also means master? Not best friend (marry your friend o… but bible says he’s master too. In fact master, that’s all…)
While I have nothing against some ideas we have today.

They are not the foundation. The foundation remain God’s wisdom in the scriptures.

Every other is just a spice.
We have even defined happiness in marriage as the ultimate height in marriage. 

In that way we get very confused when unbelievers tend to have a happier marriage than we do, so we go copy their tricks.
We tell the believers that if they have premarital sex they won’t be happy, some unbelievers prove that wrong. 

We tell them that we must love them the God kind of way and we have a happy or “successful marriage, well the unbelievers didn’t have the God kind of love and yet some of us envy how put together some marriages are.
The truth is It was never about happiness, it was about purpose. That’s something the most happy unbelieving couple can never achieve .

When our goals are just about the same as the unbelievers, we keep making mistakes. 
Let’s stop confusing ourselves with natural principles and follow God’s word.
Marriage is a union unto an assignment.

God seeks an expansion of his kingdom through the family. Micah calls a godly seed Malachi2:15. Genesis calls it the dominion mandate. 
Paul says it an example of the union between Christ and the church. Eph.5:22-33
If we don’t study these properly we would keep struggling in the confusion on the blend between psychology and spiritual. Between sacred and secular. 
It’s also beyond companionship. The companionship is unto a purpose.
Happiness in marriage is just the result of following God’s precepts and principles about marriage. It’s not the ultimate goal. 
Our concepts of relationships and marriage must be taken from the scriptures and scriptures properly studied and understood.
A lot of what has been taught as principles for successful relationships and marriage is mere psychology principles.

It’s so bad that placing biblical principles by them would offend many believers.

Most couple’s know more ideologies from outside the word than inside the word.

Before we take these concepts, let’s lay the bible foundation. 

God is not surprised at what we know today.

He knew these concepts will surely arise.

He had predicted what will happen even in our future so if he ignored what is being paraded as principles of happy relationships and put what he put in the word, we must quieten our minds from the noise of the world and lay a proper foundation on the word o…

So before you rush into a marriage or pre-marriage relationships. Build yourself up on the word.

Find out God’s will for the institution .
Faith begins where God’s will is known…
Is that clear? 

Tell me…


9 thoughts on “Dream Girl or God’s will

  1. lily says:

    A long read but thoroughly worth it.
    We need to work on ourselves; build and continue building a foundation with God before starting a relationship with another human being. Because the best kind of relationship is the triangled type – God, partner and I.

    A praying partner is my new sexy. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Niccoli says:

    Wow, My Oh My. Everyone needs to read this! These are vital insights that will definitely eradicate worldly concepts of marriage built mainly on falsehood. Indeed it is beyond physicality; what we think we should have versus what we really need!
    May our hearts be flooded continually with divine light to dissolve such divine realities!

    This is so wonderful & timely. May you increase in wisdom & Understanding!
    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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