Because He Lives

  Happy Easter to you and your family! The Easter Holiday has been really restful and I've kind of missed work. But Jesus is the reason for the season always and because he lives there is so much we get to enjoy:                          Created Anew  … Continue reading Because He Lives


This road you’re on. 

Are you at the point where you have to make some major decisions in your life? Or maybe the nations economic situation is giving you a lot to think about? Is your career giving you a whole lot of stress and you're thinking of new ways to make things better?  Are you threatened with the … Continue reading This road you’re on. 

When fear puts you in the position to harm others.

    Learning from what I have experienced, I can say that there is a point that our fears can endanger not just us but someone close to us. The fear of loosing a loved one can either cause us to become over protective to the point that our presence becomes a needed avoidance rather than … Continue reading When fear puts you in the position to harm others.

Worry- Out!

   As I sat up on my bed this morning and began reading my devotional which was titled "Worry is a Waste of Time",  I came across a line that made a whole lot of impact on the way I saw worry. It read: "While we continue to function publicly there is this sinister force lurking … Continue reading Worry- Out!

Trusting-obedience by what we face. 

    I remember the Sunday I did not cover my head to go to church, sometime last month. It is mandatory for workers in my church to do so but because it wasn't really enforced in my previous parish, I took it lightly. Plus I actually didn't really see any head gear to match what … Continue reading Trusting-obedience by what we face.