Worry- Out!


As I sat up on my bed this morning and began reading my devotional which was titled “Worry is a Waste of Time”,  I came across a line that made a whole lot of impact on the way I saw worry. It read: “While we continue to function publicly there is this sinister force lurking within us. This enemy called worry disorients moods, destroys creativity and depletes your sense of completion…..” 
Once read I began to see worry as not a feeling, but as a force, a spirit and something that I shouldn’t tolerate. 

Have you watched Inside Out the movie? (jumping and shouting yes! I love watching movies by the way and from it I actually get to learn a lot) 

So, I would give you a brief summary of the movie before telling you how it relates to this topic for those who haven’t watched it.
It’s about this girl that has these little creatures running around in her head(everyone in the movie had them). One is called joy, others are sadness, anger, fear and disgust. 

Somewhere along the line, sadness begins to misbehave and mess with this little girl’s memory, making every happy thought a sad one. Joy, who is trying to ensure order and at the same time make sure that this little girl enjoys her life and also make sure that sadness does not mess with core memories, gets zapped away with sadness to this other part of this young lady’s brain (well I don’t know much about brains but I had to read a little to explain to you) 

There are different sides of the brain: there’s the part for action and the part for short and long term memories and the part for impulses and emotions (God’s very facinating creation). So they got zapped from action point to the memory point (moving from the frontal lobe to the hippocampus). 

Unfortunately, the only ones left in the action room were fear, anger and disgust and you can imagine what a disaster that would have been. Not only was this girl’s memories being sadness infested but her life now was just full of anger, fear and disgust. Of course it messed up her life and her relations at school and at home- but Joy returned (Yaaay! ) 

(Lol) Back to the point which is I could see worry as one of these little people wanting to have its way in our lives.  The Bible tells us not to worry which makes it something not good. The Bible also tells us not to fear and not to be easily angered. It is left to us to put these fruits of the flesh in their place and allow the fruit of the Spirit to have its perfect way in us: joy, peace, love, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control. 

Worry is an Enemy and always has to be out in its place. The best way to handle such an enemy is to pray about everything. 


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