When fear puts you in the position to harm others.


Learning from what I have experienced, I can say that there is a point that our fears can endanger not just us but someone close to us.
The fear of loosing a loved one can either cause us to become over protective to the point that our presence becomes a needed avoidance rather than a moment to be enjoyed. Also in relationships, our fear of not being good enough can cause us to focus so much on our insecurities and push our loved ones away because we have suddenly become too selfish. 

 Have you experienced a life saving moment at the pool side; when someone who is drowning is being rescued. The life saver is at the risk of being injured by the struggling victim who can climb atop the life saver and drown him. This is usually because the victim is so afraid to drown. The same way in life, our fear of failure can cause us to pull others down with our words, attitudes and actions.

The fear of taking the next step in life can keep you stagnant in your position therefore limiting your blessings and stopping you from being a blessing to someone that you may have otherwise come in contact with. Have you imagined what it would have been like if Jesus allowed the fear of death to keep him from the cross? 

God knows how fearful life’s race can be. I’m even scared most times and yes my fear has led me to make drastic decisions- but we learn everyday and rely on God’s grace and mercy. But this spirit of fear cannot, should not and would not be allowed to over throw God’s plan and purpose for us and the way to this is to:

1. Commit your fears and worries into God’s hands.

2. When in a storm and you feel panicked- sleep! When I thought of this second point I laughed but in the bible when there was a panicked situation someone was always sleeping or resting while everyone else was in a frenzy ( Jesus was asleep in the boat during the storm!)
And most times when I’m flying, cause surprisingly I’m afraid of heights, I just pray and sleep and wake up when we land!

3. Lastly, be still before jumping to drastic conclusions. 

In these three points one key thing is present in all- PEACE. 

God’s peace and power and love always floods our hearts and mind. 

The love of God makes us obey him. The love of God helps us know that we are not alone and that God is working behind the scene of every situation as the Beginning and the Ending. 

The peace of God keeps us still and helps us rest.

The power of God gives us boldness to accept the next step we have to take. 

So fear not! 

Fear cannot keep the world still it would only keep us from doing what we have to do to be what we have to be. 



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