This road you’re on. 

Are you at the point where you have to make some major decisions in your life? Or maybe the nations economic situation is giving you a lot to think about? Is your career giving you a whole lot of stress and you’re thinking of new ways to make things better?  Are you threatened with the decision to compromise? 

Well this is what you can do: 

                 DO NOT BE A CHAMELEON  

Don’t change your skin to fit your environment. Change your environment to fit who you are. Jesus was not recognized in his home town but that didn’t stop him from moving around to witness the kingdom of God. If you have a problem with your environment change it;set new rules and change settings. Or simply move to a new environment. Don’t hide. 


No one is the same and no one has the same message. So don’t try to copy or be like someone else but embrace your uniqueness and use it to bless others. Everyone has a strong point (know your SWOT Analysis; Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.).  

                 CHANGE IS CONSTANT   

Although it is very important to be your own self, you have to accept change. Sometimes doing one thing the same way over and over would never give you the spike that would elevate you. Find new ways of doing what you love and making it interesting to others.  

                         REST IS GOOD  

There are those that believe you always have to keep pushing and pushing and that the moment you rest you are becoming lazy. As a writer, I took note of an advice from a fellow writer; she wrote: ” if you experience a writers block take a break”, it helps you think and helps you gain new perspective. So while you’re working, take time to relax, observe and re-energize. 

 There is always two sides to a coin; heads or tails. You can either be the head or the tail based on the decisions you make. There are always two sides to decision making: this is impossible and we can’t do it or this is difficult but we can do something about it. The decision to see the possibilities in limitation is the breaking force that leads to achievement. Don’t be discouraged. 


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