10 Reasons Why You Should Not Avoid National Service.

Definitely there are also the down sides of the national service but I hope these positive points are able to convince you not to resent the yearly scheme. For those who have done their national service already this is something you can reflect on and use as a point to encourage someone else who is … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Avoid National Service.


What are your ideas! 

   God has blessed us with a mind to think and make decisions and as long as we are alive we can say that we think all the time. We are looking for ways to save or spend. We are looking for new business ideas that would make life easier for us and put extra … Continue reading What are your ideas! 

What I learnt from killing a cockroach.

This post heading sounds funny but that's exactly what happened. I hope you enjoy the read and learn something as well.         I was trying to kill a roach two days ago and realized that when I sprayed it with the insecticide it excreted. I was irritated. The following day I was still thinking … Continue reading What I learnt from killing a cockroach.

God loves you! 

   I had a dream the other night which birthed the following revelation. I could not and did not want to keep it to myself but the details of the dream are long and I couldn't write it here.  But please read and share what it meant:     There are so many of us who … Continue reading God loves you! 

So Sweet!!

I'm sure you've heard me say many times that I love food (I like admiring and smelling food-not eating it)!!!  This weekend, I happened to go on an ice cream tasting outing with my friend. I'll tell you about that some other time.  Now you can imagine going without food for let's say a week. … Continue reading So Sweet!!

It is Finished (Special Post) 

Happy New Month!!!  Wow! Can you believe three months are gone  by already? God is good!  Today, I'm doing a special give-away(for those in Lagos), courtesy a friend and brother of mine who's message I'm going to share today.  He absolutely respects Joseph Prince and  even gave me one of his books(Unmerited Favour) to read. … Continue reading It is Finished (Special Post)