It is Finished (Special Post) 

Happy New Month!!! 

Wow! Can you believe three months are gone  by already? God is good! 

Today, I’m doing a special give-away(for those in Lagos), courtesy a friend and brother of mine who’s message I’m going to share today. 

He absolutely respects Joseph Prince and  even gave me one of his books(Unmerited Favour) to read. This book talks about the finished Works of Christ and how we get to enjoy the benefits of grace! This book was previously recommended to me  but I couldn’t buy it then. So,  I’ll also be giving out a few copies of this book! (A must read) Yaaay 💃🏽

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Very simple right? Yeaaahh I know! So enjoy and have a blessed, fulfilled and testimonious month. Amen.



By Emmanuel Onwuka

The death of Christ should be celebrated on a daily basis.
It is the only way to continually proclaim your victory over sin and hell.
Before the manifestation of Jesus you were held in a prison called sin…
And no matter what kind of good you did nothing could get you out of that prison.
God knew how hopeless you were and made a divine provision…
…by sending His Son to take your place, you were reconciled to him.
You can call it a prison break. Jesus delivered you into better promises and covenant with God.
And although the world celebrates Easter this weekend we know they are only commemorating a pagan worship…
…Which is the reason I said you must celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ every day!
Easter is a pagan worship that was practiced even in the times of the Apostles.
Some religious sects only introduced it to align with the popular practice of their day.
Don’t wait for any particular day before you celebrate the death and the resurrection of your savior…
His death and resurrection must be constantly practiced with the Holy Communion.
Before exodus from Egypt the command was given that a lamb should be chosen…
…on the 10th day and kept until the 14th of the month.
This was to ensure that there weren’t any blemish in the Lamb during the five days period.
And once this was confirmed the Lamb was killed and the blood used in the door post of the Israelites…
…putting the angel of death away from their houses.
The triumphant entry into Jerusalem was the beginning of the trial of Jesus for 5 days to His crucifixion. 
Although they tried him for 5days and found no blemish in Him, he was still killed as a transgressor.
When you therefore accept Him as Lord and savior He stands at the door post of your life and keeps every agent of death away.
The death of Jesus therefore signifies one thing- You have been reconciled with the Father.
There was a time when God was angry with you, but today because of Jesus HE no longer holds anything against you.
You were reconciled and acquitted when Jesus cried IT IS FINISHED.
Therefore your starting point in your Christian journey is to understand that you have a perfect standing with God.
Some have erroneously believed that the only sins that has been forgiven were your past sins,…
…but Jesus’ sacrifice took care of all the sins man would ever commit.
Remember that before now you had to forgive before you are forgiven… 
But now you forgive because you have already been forgiven. Ephesians 4:32
There was a prisoner exchange when you accepted Jesus as Lord. 
Jesus’ sacrifice stands for you and the devil has no more claims on you.
There is therefore no longer a sin problem but a belief problem. 
The only thing that deprives you from the glorious gift of Christ is the problem of believing him.
You must accept the gift (Jesus) of God to a lost world
After accepting Him you must continually focus on what he did for you on the cross.
The love story therefore begins and ends with what you do with Jesus.
God loves his Son so much and still sent him to die on your behalf,…
Just imagine how deeply God loves and cares for you.
Stop looking and wandering if you will ever be acceptable to the Lord,…
…Instead always proclaim the finished work of Jesus in your favor.
Presently, Jesus is at the right hand of the Father proclaiming your righteous stand at the throne of God.
Just see Jesus as that advocate who constantly intercedes for the best for you.

It is finished…Peace be unto you…Do you love him (Jesus)? …Then follow Him.



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