What I learnt from killing a cockroach.

This post heading sounds funny but that’s exactly what happened. I hope you enjoy the read and learn something as well.    

 I was trying to kill a roach two days ago and realized that when I sprayed it with the insecticide it excreted. I was irritated. The following day I was still thinking that why would it be excreting in the first place and then it occurred to me that all living things excrete (maybe apart from mosquitoes which is why they die after such a short time). The fact is that we were created not just to receive but to give back. The moment we stop giving something out we are dead (Luke 13:7).

Whatever we give out of our system can either be a useful or wasteful product.

With our anus we give out physically broken down products which can be reprocessed to do good to the environment (e.g. for manure etc.) . At the same time if not processed or disposed properly then it can be harmful to the environment.

Our mouth is also a very important organ.  With it we give out spiritually broken down products- our words.  

Just as the things we eat are digested and passed out through the anus, the things we see and hear are processed by our minds and eventually form the things we speak. Our words can be used to build up or tear down and just like our excreta we cannot take them back.

We can determine what comes out of our mouth by watching what we allow our minds to process. 

Just by eating healthy and using the right products we can control the kind of waste that comes out of our body. 

So also guard your heart(mind) with all diligence because out of its abundance does your mouth speak (Proverbs 4:23; Matthew 12:34)


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