10 Reasons Why You Should Not Avoid National Service.

Definitely there are also the down sides of the national service but I hope these positive points are able to convince you not to resent the yearly scheme. For those who have done their national service already this is something you can reflect on and use as a point to encourage someone else who is about to do his or her National Service. For those currently doing their National Service let’s look on the bright side: 

1. Most high ranking organizations require you as a Nigerian Citizen to have done your NYSC. We cannot run away from the fact that the government has enforced this scheme as a compulsory requirement for those that want to work in the country. 

2. For masters scholarships most times you are required to have the NYSC certificate. 

3. You get to experience a whole new environment. For those who actually get posted outside of their home town, the experience whether good or bad can never be forgotten and if you take advantage of whatever situation you find yourself, you get to learn new things and share these experiences with others. You get to learn a new language, adapt to a different culture and eat completely different food. 

4. It’s a period of time when you can plan your life. Let’s be honest not everyone goes for CDS and during that time some people are actually running around for business deals and chasing their dreams. 

5. It’s an easy way to make an impact on your environment. During the national service year we engage in our community development service(CDS) and for those who are serious about adding value this is an easy way to do it with human support from other core members and financial support from organizations. 

6. You get to enjoy your life for another year. For those that teach, the resting period is endless- from closing early to enjoying mid-term breaks and still getting paid! For those that work in formal organizations there is always that anticipation for CDS day(except for the extremely serious ones that go to work after CDS). 

7. NYSC has a lot of opportunities for those who are wise enough to see through the abrupt call up periods. Seminars and job fairs are held for qualifying candidates except that they expect everyone to show up even if it is not in your professional interest. It is also easy to make aquitances and concrete connections during the NYSC period that can serve you after the service year either through fellow core members or PPA(Place of Primary Assignment) managers. 

8. The joy of obtaining social favors. Although it is complete partiality, you’re sure that you cannot get into trouble with Road Safety or LASMA as long as you’re wearing your uniform, you are carrying your ID card and you have a nice smile(but please do not intentionally break the law). If you enter any organization with your uniform, the service cheers from those who have done NYSC before lightens the environment and makes it easy to communicate. 

9. Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurial Development (SAED).
This is one of the best things that one can acquire during the period. It is a means to acquire skills at a more convenient training fee compared to being trained outside. If trainings are taken seriously one would learn more than expected in a short time. Such skills can then be used to make extra money on the side. There are people taking advantage of this scheme and are doing very well. 

10. You can meet potential hubby or wifey. There have been a lot of stories of people who met during their national service and are happily married today. Although it is not a 100 percent chance but with your heart in the right place and God’s blessing this is not impossible. 


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