A Man After God’s Heart

For some time now it has always amazed me the difference between love your enemies and pray that they will die! 

In some churches the prayer point is always so vicious and on point when it comes to asking God to destroy our enemies (I have to admit sometimes I’m convinced). However some would disagree because Jesus made it clear to us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute and hurt us (Matthew 5:44)! 

Remember: love is patient; kind; not easily angered; does not rejoice in evil but in good; not self-seeking (1 Corinthians 13:4-8).  

Praying for our enemies is praying that God would forgive them and that they would come to repentance (2peter 3:9). It’s not for them to die in wickedness but that this love of God would abound through the earth! 
Why I titled this post A Man After God’s Heart is because I thought of David. Yes there were times David was hurt by many people and called down ‘fire’ on his enemies but invariably he always left it to God to be the judge- remember Saul, Absolom and all the many people that attacked David. 

David had a forgiving heart and looked to God to fight for him. It is for God to decide what would happen to the wicked it’s not for us to judge and condemn them. Why? Because God is also waiting for them to repent- as long as you’re living there is the hope of salvation. 

The real enemy is the devil! In fact the bible never said we should destroy the devil-we are asked to resist him! God has already taken care of the devil’s punishment (and anyone who chooses to stick with him- Revelations 20:10;15). 

All we have to do is to ensure that the rest of our brothers and sisters that are lost in the world and are living in ignorance know that we indeed love them and God loves them too. 


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