The Weekend with Demiladeayo.

So for me this weekend was amazing. I could call it my post birthday weekend celebration. So rather than keeping it all to myself I have decided to tell you about it (I’m keeping it simple of course):

Friday 29-04!
People say the weekend starts on Friday and after work everyone is excited to chill with friends and hang out for the rest of the evening before heading home. So on Friday some colleagues and I headed to Hard Rock Cafe down the road from our office building (Landmark, Water Corporation Drive, VIctoria Island, Lagos)
The whole idea was to hold a mini send off gathering for some people that were leaving.

Hard Rock Cafe is a restaurant and bar and that night they were hosting DJ Jimmy Jat but it was getting late and I had to go home. But from pervious visits to the Cafe, their food is great and they have a variety of nice cocktails and a wonderful ocean view! Although being inside is more comfortable because Nigeria is so hot!

Saturday 30-06!

AAND Architecture Exhibition

Saturday was looking more like the stay at home and watch Jane the Virgin kind of day but later in the evening I got invited by my dad to a private architecture showcase – African Alliance for New Design(AAND) hosting three architectural firms: cmD+A, MOE+Art Architecture and SI.SA. It was an exhibition promoting architecture with African based ideas and modernism. I ran into a school mate of mine who is an architect and works at cmD+A (they are responsible for designing the new Maryland shopping mall that is to open on the 26th of May).

I was the only one that came with a professional camera and ended up photographing the event. No regrets there because I did not take the pictures for free; thanks to the encouragement I received from a passionate guy that works with Si.Sa. I wasn’t perfect but he made me see that with passion and wisdom I could earn from the pictures taken.

I am currently serving at an organization that is into Mechanical and Electrical consulting and happened to come across one our projects designed my MOE+Art Architecture. I was really excited because I happened to have visited that particular site on Friday with my boss!

Sunday 01-05!

Anticipating Asa’s grand opening

Sunday was thanksgiving and also May 1st which meant it was also Workers’ Day and because of that the global holiday was to extend to Monday!!! We had a special guest at our church- Mr Laolu Gbenjo who gave us a wonderful praise session. After the service I got to talk to him because I write and sing. He asked me what my stage name was and I told him Demiladeayo(that was the only thing that came to mind). So he said to me that your stage name is the brand that people know you by. Once they hear that name they have an image of you in mind. He also promised to visit my blog (Yaay!)

When I got home my cousin asked me if I was interested in going for the Asa concert, that her boss had cancelled and she had an extra VIP ticket. Of course I said yes! So before heading out for the concert I went to eat my favorite original pounded yam and seafood okro at Yellow Chili. The concert was live with opening guest performances from: Kaline, Falana, Rachael Kerr and Bez. Then Asa came up and raised the roof!

Wow! Sunday was so dramatic I had to find a way to keep it simple but in trying to keep it simple I missed a lot! I forgot my phone at home so couldn’t take a selfie with Mr Laolu! My camera battery was low so I couldn’t take pictures at the concert + I left early 😦

Monday 02-05!

The queue before me is evidence alone of how nice the smoothie is!

Guess what?
I ran into Asa again at the Eko Hotel and Suits while visiting the UKEAS Exhibition. While I was about leaving the event and gisting with my aunt about the concert, there was Asa beside me. It was like a ‘speaking of the angel’ kind of moment(I did not hesistate to get a selfie shot this time). From there we headed to the GTB food and drink fair at Water Corporation Road. That also was live because I love food and it’s for people that love food! I ran into a colleague of mine who loves food and he cooks too which I admire so much (it’s a secret observation he doesn’t know about). He told me he was going to take cooking classes with Red Dish Chronicle which is a culinary school owned by Abiola Akanji (Chef Stone).

I also ran into a fellow core member of mine whose sister manages Smothie Express! It reminded me of the ones I had in school and I was so excited to try it and you should too.

Also to end the fair experience I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy doughnuts from Donuts n’ Crumbs

The dogged concentration of a happy customer about to receive a grand prize

Yeah! So my weekend was pretty busy- I know. But at the end of it God gave us life so that we could enjoy it!! In enjoying the life we have, we are also living for Him!



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