I remember the first day I tried to drive in the rain because I needed to get somewhere urgently. But because it was windy and dark I panicked and turned around to go home. Unfortunately for me I hit another car and had a big dent at the back of my car. It rained again the weekend after that but this time I had nowhere to turn to and had to keep going because I was on the bridge. I was thankful to God when the drizzle suddenly stopped 10 minutes after it had started. Funny enough it rained all through Monday, the following week, and I had to go to work and come back home. In my mind I was just thinking that God just wanted me to pass this test. So when it was time to go home, I prayed and got on the road. I was happy when I got home because I had finally conquered.

This opened my eyes to the fact that you never know what you can do till you do it.  My Pastor has said it that the best of God is always in the future and this made me remember that prior to my driving in the rain incident I never used to like driving at night so instead I’ll get home early or take other means to move around. But there were times I had to come home at night after church and although church was not far from the house I would use it as an opportunity to learn to drive at night. A day came that I wanted to attend a concert far away from home and the concert was going to start and end late at night. I didn’t have a choice but to drive for convenience and I had to definitely return home. So I did it! It was a fun experience for me seeing that I had never done that before. Now I can boast of driving in any condition.

I have learned that fear begins in the mind but once you can train your mind to see the positive (have faith) of what you want and you train your mind to focus then nothing can limit you. God is always preparing us for the best. This is an example of my own driving test but there are opportunities we shy away from every day.

What you think you might have failed at today is just an opportunity to learn for tomorrow and get better at what you do and improve. The best is always to come. The word of God says the glory of the latter house would be greater than the former (Haggai 2:9). So don’t give up!

Don’t give up trying even though it may be scary at first or you may not be getting the results you want but engage your mind to see the best and you will always scale your mountains. Remember once more that indeed things will only get better.

Have a lovely day and God bless. Bye!




  1. OYETUNJI olayinka says:

    I love your message!!! Your words really inspired me….Am happy u drive today….Guess you get home early…..Have a lovely weekend!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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