Love One-Four 16.11

Even till this very day I’m still comprehending God’s love and learning what it means to love one another. No one says it is easy but it is definitely worth it because the sacrifice of love always brings about peace and joy. Remember that love is the greatest!
It was a pleasure to be be featured on Miss Seun’s Blog along with other wonderful, inspiring and God-fearing writers.Why don’t you check it out! Stay Blessed and have a superb day!

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‘It always protects …’


I guess you’ve figured out by now that today’s writer is the pretty Miss Demiladeayo. Before I continue, let me mention again how much I love her name. Oluwademiladeayo – it’s a mouthful but a very beautiful name. Anyway I digress – Engineer Adeayo is a sweet spirit and an amazing writer (you should know by now that our write-ins are by amazing writers 😉 ). She blogs at Make sure you check it out – there’s something for everyone.


Here’s Deayo’s take on ‘Love always protects’!


The statement ‘love always protects’

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2 thoughts on “Love One-Four 16.11

  1. Olemoh Temitope says:

    When God said it will, it will surely come out but one challenge we have is the fact that we give God time and predetermined mode and ways by which we expect things to work out which is absolutely wrong. As we definitely know that we are like phone in the hand of the manufacturer meaning the phone does not dictate how it gonna function or which application it want to run on even when it needs upgrading it still wait patiently its manufacturer. so also we, even as human, made and created for HIS purpose need to totally rely on HIM without dictating or trying to make it happen for HIM.

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    • demiladeayo says:

      You’re very right. We should learn to trust God for his time because he makes all things beautiful in HIS TIME and not when we say it will. Loving God means we also have to trust him. It is well. Thank you very much.


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