Common Mistakes We Make.

1. Focusing on the problem 
We complain too much on what should or shouldn’t be. We focus too much of our attention on mistakes that other people make rather that creating solutions that would make things better for us.

2. Comparing with others
This limits your movement and makes you a setback to those coming behind you. When you compare you fail to see the opportunities ahead of you. You become distracted and leave a gap for someone to overtake you too.

3. Being subject to time
It is said that time waits for no man. We use most of our time lazing around and engaging in non-profitable activities then we start to rush and stress ourselves to meet up with deadlines. God gave everyone the same number of hours in a day and He has also given us the ability to define what we want to do with that time. Also, Leonard Ravenhill said “The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity”. Meaning that every opportunity has a life span and to take advantage of an opportunity you have to identify the lifespan of that opportunity and work within that time unless the opportunity would be lost.

4. Suffering from Paralysis by analysis
This is overthinking, worrying and not taking action. We learn too much and come up with plan A, plan B and plan C. We analyze the pros and cons of our decision till we become frozen when it’s time to take action. We fear our decisions and limit ourselves from experiencing what could be a great opportunity. Overthinking kills our creativity. The best way out of this is to set a deadline and be accountable to fulfill it. When in doubt about a decision talk to someone (a reasonable someone) about it.

5. Irresponsibility and passing the blame.
We blame ourselves, our family, our government, and even the economy for whatever we do or are unable to do. Successful people don’t use their background as an excuse to remain on the ground. Taking responsibility for your actions is a bold step to plunging into a responsible and successful future.

6. Poor Planning
Always prepare for the worst. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be positive or hopeful but most times we become nonchalant in our planning and we overlook many things. When we do not plan for the worst we become discouraged if something goes wrong. Planning for the worst means go the extra mile in whatever you’re doing.

7. Not enjoying the moment.
Moments are instances in life that we experience. Either good or bad they become a memory of the past that we remember and hold on to. The fruitfulness of your life is dependent on the moments you are able to share.

8. Forgetting that the present will become the past

It is foolishness to think that you can only live for the moment without thought to the consequences of your actions.

9. Holding on to regret and bitterness rather than lessons and forgiveness

Don’t allow the mistakes of your past to become your present delays and your future limitations.

10. Allowing your emotions to rule your actions

 Use your emotions as a leverage to make you and people around you feel better.


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